This appendix to the “Luxembourg BIM Application Guide” summarizes collaborative practices in line with BIM methodology. These best practices are to be adopted for the smooth running of the project, for each phase: Programming, Preliminary Summary Design, Detailed Preliminary Design, Authorization and Approval Procedures, Final Project, Tender and Award Documents, General Management and Acceptance of Work, Final Project Documents, Facility Management.

They are described as follows:

  • Objectives and deliverables: This section describes the purpose of the phase in terms of expected deliverables.
  • Process to be implemented : This section describes how the BIM model is used to organize collaborative work in order to achieve the expected deliverables. In other words, it describes “who does what, when and how”. Reminder: the GID sheets provide a reference on which to base the modeling of models.
  • BIM Management responsibilities: This section is dedicated to the specific tasks of BIM Management in general, including Information Manager and BIM Manager (see role descriptions in chapter 2.2 of the guide).

All the descriptions given here are an ideal to be achieved in a “common” context. Given the variety of projects involved, processes may need to be adapted. None of these recommendations is prescriptive.

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