Objective and deliverables

The models, as completed in the “Final Project” phase, contain all the information required to generate documents for bidding documents, calls for tenders and negotiated contracts (plans, framework schedules, specifications). During the bidding phase, as in the Final Project phase, the elements of the model are prescribed elements with characteristics to be achieved. Under no circumstances should they refer to existing products, in order to guarantee a fair and unbiased call for tenders (no product or brand names).

NOTE: The companies’ proposals do not imply any modification of the mock-ups during this phase. However, if subsequent modification is included in the companies’ mission (whether through the production of plans or the simple supply of BIM objects), they will have to guarantee their competence in this area at the time of submission. Processes to be implemented:

A/ The architect and engineers coordinate to draw up the specifications. Under the supervision (and with the support) of the BIM Manager, they update their respective models as required to generate the necessary deliverables. The processes for producing, exchanging and coordinating models are the same as for the APD and Projet Définitif phases.

B/ Assisted by the engineers, the architect draws up the site schedule to be circulated as part of the call for tenders. If agreed (usage 13), by associating the phases of this schedule with the elements of the digital mock-ups, they create a virtual simulation of the construction site in time and space (“4D”) to structure the progress of the project.

C/ The architect and engineers work together to draw up detailed project specifications based on the quantities extracted from the digital mock-ups. They can then adopt a so-called “5D” approach, associating costs with the designed works. They will then be able to compare this estimate with the bids submitted by the various bidders.

BIM Management responsibilities :

Same as the previous phase.
The BIM Manager can be entrusted with the task of “4D breadmaking”.
Note: companies that have to be “BIM-ready” will have to guarantee their BIM skills,
especially if they are subsequently asked to produce As-Built models.

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