Objective and deliverables

The aim is to develop the digital model for the construction phase, moving from a building model as prescribed to a model as it is to be built, by involving everyone in the process:

  • Owner
  • Project management team
  • Pilot coordinator
  • Health and safety coordinator
  • Companies awarded contracts
  • Facility Manager
  • And any other person concerned by the project.

The deliverables to be generated are execution plans, site installation plans, schedules and any other documents used to implement the project.

Processes to be implemented

A/ The exchange process during the production of execution models follows the same procedure as that used by the project owner during the design phase: the project owner’s models serve as a basis for the companies’ work, but are not directly modified by them. If the companies work with BIM software, then the model created will be used to generate the execution documents and to compose the AS-BUILT model. If necessary, the plans and other documents produced will be used by the project owner to update the corresponding models. In both cases, any mock-up produced must comply with the level of information requirements specified by the
MO for delivery of the AS-BUILT mock-up.

B/ The schedule is fine-tuned after awarding the contract, once the companies have been integrated into the project and their dates of intervention taken into account. If a 4D model has been created, it becomes more accurate.

C/ The extraction of costs is also made more precise by the inclusion of detailed company quotations.

BIM Management responsibilities :

Same as previous phase.

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